Dear Friend,

Mike_Marshall_Star_001Thank you for visiting my website, and taking the time to learn more about my background and vision for our future.

As a longtime U.S. Marshal and now a conservative member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives representing Cumberland and York counties, I’ve spent my career working to protect our families and helping make our community better. Why? Because of the values and principles I learned growing up here in Camp Hill in the West Shore School District.

From the age of four, my parents and the Camp Hill community taught me valuable life lessons. It was in Lower Allen Township where I grew up wanting to be a police officer, and learning about order and discipline, and how they make a community stronger. At Good Shepherd Elementary School, I was taught more than reading, writing, and math; I learned right from wrong and was helped to establish a deeper understanding of our faith.

It was in the Cedar Cliff High School cafeteria where I first stood up to bullies, and protected those being tormented and hassled for being different or unable to defend themselves. It was on the football field as a Colt where I learned that being tough wasn’t always enough. It was there that I practiced leadership, developed more discipline, and learned to work with teammates to achieve greater goals.

Later, my wife and I settled in Camp Hill and had our first child. It was there, while I served in the U.S. Marshals Service of the Middle District of Pennsylvania, that I began to impart those same values to our children.

The life we have built with our four children, and the service we have provided through our work in and out of government, has all been possible because of the deep roots I established while growing up in Cumberland County and, later, raising my own children in Cumberland and York counties.

Family_with_Dog_9969This website will outline in greater detail how I will use those values forged in Cumberland County to fight for our priorities in the State Senate. I am committed to being a strong leader in the Senate, and addressing the challenges and opportunities our families face in Cumberland and York counties.

I will continue to work hard to earn your vote. Please contact me with any questions or to volunteer for my campaign. Thank you.

Mike Regan