Our Jobs

Our Jobs

Fight for the Good Paying Jobs our Families Need

As a State Representative, Mike has focused on helping small businesses create jobs, reduce regulations that hurt job growth, and more – all to continue his lifelong mission to protect our families. As our State Senator, he’ll do even more to …

Spur economic development through tax cuts and tax reform that make Pennsylvania’s business tax structure more attractive for new employers and less burdensome for current employers.

Streamline laws and regulations to reduce the cost of doing business in Pennsylvania and ensure that businesses face fair, predictable and consistent oversight.

Leverage our educational system (particularly our colleges, universities and tech schools) in the development of new technologies and ideas to drive future economic expansion.

Free the entrepreneurial spirit of Pennsylvania by reducing regulations and other roadblocks for start-up businesses.

Protecting Taxpayers

Protecting Taxpayers

Protect Taxpayers through Real Fiscal Discipline

Mike_Seniors_0067When Mike Regan served as the Deputy Inspector General of Pennsylvania, he helped find and eliminate wasteful spending in Harrisburg to protect taxpayers. In the State House, he’s held the line on taxes and has only voted for balanced budgets. As our State Senator, he’ll do even more to…

Reform the public pension system by placing all new hires into a defined contribution system like the private sector receives and encouraging current enrollees to switch to the same.

Limit the growth of government spending through Constitutional Amendment or by statute to prohibit increases above the rate of wage growth, inflation, or population.

Pass school property tax reform and work to reform the current school funding formula to provide relief to all homeowners while still ensuring quality schools for all of our children.

Repeal prevailing wage requirements at the state, county, and municipal levels to provide an even playing field for all Pennsylvania businesses and save tax dollars.

Investigate further changes to the welfare system to ensure recipients are looking for work, end abuse, and maintain time limits on how long someone can receive benefits.

Reform State Government

Reform State Government

Reform State Government to Save Protect Taxpayers

In the State House, Mike leads on reform by never taking a per diem and helping bring greater openness and transparency to state government so that we know how our hard-earned money is being spent. In his continued fight for taxpayers, as our State Senator, he will…

Reduce the size of the legislature to help save tax dollars and improve efficiency.

End legislative per diems, and require all legislators to submit for legitimate expenses that follow IRS guidelines.

End government programs, fees, or taxes which no longer meet their original mandate after independent review by the Sunset Commission.

Make Pennsylvania a Right-to-Work state that stops the forced unionization – and increased costs associated with it – on our state’s citizens and employers.

End taxpayer-funded collection of public sector union dues and political monies by passing paycheck protection.



Quality Education Taxpayers Can Afford

Smiling senior businessmanMike and his wife, Fran, are raising four great kids – all of whom attended or are attending our local public schools. He knows education is vital to their future, but he also knows taxpayers can’t afford higher property taxes. That’s why he’s focused on meaningful pension reform and common sense legislation to eliminate the school property tax. As our State Senator, he will continue to lead…

Increase educational choice and competition to provide parents and students with greater opportunities for educational achievement.

Reform the teacher tenure system to ensure we are keeping teachers for their abilities, not their time served in schools, and allow school districts to remove ineffective teachers regardless of tenure status.

Embrace new technologies and innovation to provide students such things as online learning, AP courses, courses not available at their local schools, SAT preparation, and tutoring – like all colleges and universities do.

Reform the current school funding formula to ensure that all school districts are treated fairly.

• Ensure Pennsylvania’s school curricula are driven by parents, teachers, students, and communities by continuing to oppose federal Common Core standards.

Our Values

Our Values

Protecting Our Values by Preserving the Constitution and Our Rights

Mike Regan shares our Central Pennsylvania values and has fought for them his entire life – as a member of law enforcement and as a State Representative. As a father, husband, taxpayer, and trusted community leader, he has coached our children in wrestling, football, and soccer. We can trust that he’ll take our values and concerns to the State Senate and will…

Continue to oppose ObamaCare’s federal mandates that are hurting local businesses and families, and increasing healthcare costs.

Oppose new gun control proposals that infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners.

Work full-time to protect our Central Pennsylvania values, and actively oppose measures that infringe upon our freedoms and God-given rights.

Protect the right of parents to educate their children how they choose, be it through public, private, charter, or home schooling.

Ensure the safety of our community’s roads and bridges through strong oversight of the new transportation funding mechanism.

Protect private property rights through eminent domain reform that makes it harder for governments to seize land from its owners.

Support faith-based initiatives that help provide funding and services for the disadvantaged.

Ensure the safety of our neighborhoods by bringing together law enforcement, community leaders, residents, and the legislature to design and implement cost effective programs which will help reduce crime and deal with the proliferation of illegal drugs.